An impression of the crescent Saturn, with the Sun off in the distance.
Your Saturn Return Could Change Your Relationships, Too
As the planet of karma and boundaries, Saturn's return can upheave your path and catapult you further than you ever thought. The sign and house it's in can affect your experience.
Saturn takes 29 years to orbit the sun and stays in one zodiac sign for three years. Its return begins for you when it goes back to its placement during the year of your birth.
During this transition, you might find that certain personal patterns or relationships do not align with where you are headed, but Saturn promises this is for the best.
"No boss, partner, parent, or peer group determines who you came here to be," astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss says, noting that one-sided relationships will no longer cut it.
The effects Saturn's return has on our relationships can be bittersweet as it entails the realization that even those closest to you cannot be responsible for your personal growth.