Long white chrome nails.
Your Guide To Using Chrome Powder For A Perfect DIY Glazed Donut Manicure
A glazed donut manicure amped with chrome is perfect if you don’t want to take attention away from your outfit. Here’s how you can use chrome powder to level up your nail look.
Clean and file your nails into your desired shape before applying a protective base coat. Then, choose a neutral shade for the look’s signature milky sheen.
Neutral Base
Combine the neutral base with a sheer white polish, applying two coats of this combination on your well-prepped nails for a perfect glazed look.
According to TikTok user Anahi Victoria, you can use metallic eyeshadow to achieve the chrome finish. Simply pat the powder on your nails using a sponge.
Powder & Top Coat
As per a hack manicurist Leanne Woodley shared with Bustle, you can also mix pigment or chrome powder with a clear top coat before applying that over your base color.