A woman with bright green eyeshadow
Your Guide To The "Matcha Latte Makeup" Trend
Celebrity makeup artist Melissa Murdick told Byrdie, "Matcha latte makeup is focused on pastel to mid-tone shades of green surrounding the eyes."
After applying an eyeshadow primer to your lids, add green and blend it with a neutral color. Use a different green on the lower lash line and a shimmery shade in the eye corner.
A green liquid liner can subtly add a dose of matcha to your look. Apply the liner only to the upper lid, or put it on the waterline for something edgier.
Eyeliner Or Mascara
You can also try a green mascara. Instead of applying it like you normally would, apply it vertically, so it looks less like a smudgy and clumpy green mess.
Green lips are bold, so be sure to tailor them to what matches your skin's undertone. For cooler undertones, go with emerald, and for warmer undertones, use an olive tone.
With green lipstick, it's crucial to prep your lips first to avoid a crusty, dry look. Exfoliate to remove any dead skin and then hydrate them with a serum or lip balm.
Use a green highlighter to add a subtle green to your look. It will provide you with an understated glow and a hint of soft green.
Just remember that green highlighter is better suited for warm skin tones than cooler, pink undertones. Green can bring the pink out, making your skin look sore instead of glam.