A woman with a dark red lip
Your Guide To The Cherry Mocha Makeup Trend
Before choosing a lipstick in this elegant shade, consider your undertones. You may need to adjust your cherry mocha shade based on your coloring.
Start the process by exfoliating and applying chapstick, since dark shades tend to highlight dry lips. Invest in a good lip liner to provide a little dimension.
To go more subtle, slick a line of dark red eyeliner near your lash line and wing it out for a cat eye effect. If you want to get creative, opt for a cherry mocha eyeshadow.
Apply a cherry mocha shade to the lid and blend it out with a soft brown to create a stunning effect. You can also add glitter on top for some sparkle.
For a bold take on this trend, opt for cherry mocha hair. If you already have brown hair, a full head transition will be much easier than for someone who is blonde.
Consider combining this trend with two-tone hair, which is also popular this fall. Add just a little cherry mocha to your hair, or try a gradient effect toward your tips.
While an exact cherry mocha scent is a little niche to replicate, there are plenty of perfumes and body sprays that have a hint of sweet cherry.
Plenty of fall fragrances have also adopted the cherry mocha shade for the color of their bottles, so you'll really be able to make the most of this fall-centric aesthetic.