A woman using dropper for application on her hair.
Why You Should Add Tamanu Oil To Your Hair Care Routine
According to hair colorist Louis Pacheco, tamanu oil, an oil derived from a tropical evergreen tree found in Asia and Africa, “has incredible healing and nourishing properties.”
With its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, tamanu oil works on the scalp and strands. It encourages hair growth and hydrates damaged hair, leading to stronger locks.
“Coarse and dry hair types [...] delicate hair types and people with sensitive skin and scalps should reach for tamanu oil-based products,” Pacheco told Mane.
People with fine hair should opt for products infused with tamanu oil. As per Clinikally, once applied, the oil can be left on your scalp and hair from 30 minutes to overnight.
You can either apply the natural oil directly or via a dropper. Make sure to focus on the ends as you would with any other hair moisturizing technique but don’t overdo it.
When it comes to your scalp, acupuncturist and herbalist Antonia Balfour recommends “diluting it at 50% with a carrier oil such as almond oil,” to avoid any potential irritation.