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Why Cuffing Season Is Changing And Why It’s A Good Thing
Cuffing season — the time of year when people venture out less and "cuff" themselves to someone else — is something that single people are beginning to look past.
Psychotherapist Gabe Torres told i-D "It seems that those who divest against cuffing season are those who are ready to be fulfilled in ways that hookup culture doesn't offer."
Cuffing season is all about settling, and when we settle we take what we can and accept that this person isn't great, but just fits the bill for a temporary situation.
However, singles want "a mutual, logical, and gradual connection that is genuinely good," per Shan Boodram to Well + Good, which may lead to a slow cuffing season this year.
Due to the emphasis on the fact that cuffing is temporary, it doesn't align with serious relationships. That realization is pushing singles away from it.
Instead, singles should rid themselves of the mentality that people need to be in a relationship to thrive and focus on themselves, family, and friends this cuffing season.