Planet Venus with a bright star behind it
What Your Venus Placement Can Tell You About Your Finances
What we spend money on can often be a reflection of our values, and here, our Venus sign can direct us toward clarifying what our values might be.
Venus rules the second zodiac house, the House of Value or House of Possessions. It’s connected to our sense of self-worth, where the items we own affect ideas of who we are.
How this affects you depends on what sign might be placed in your second house. Libras emphasize aesthetics and use money to actualize the lifestyle they desire.
Taurus, on the other hand, values things that are comforting and sensual, and having money as a safety and security measure can be an important factor in their goals.
Those with Scorpio in their second house may be protective of their possessions and cash and prefer to save rather than spend. They keep spending habits to themselves.
However, those with Leo in their second house may feel the opposite; they put themselves out there to improve cash flow, but feel prone to personal insecurities as a result.