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What Is The Tiktok-Viral "Dusty Ex-Boyfriend Effect"?
According to TikTok user @leta_bitchknow (Erica), Taylor Swift is in the midst of “The Dusty Ex-Boyfriend Effect,” which ultimately means that she’ll marry Travis Kelce.
The Dusty Ex-Boyfriend Effect is when someone comes out of an unfulfilling, long-term relationship, and then dates a “total loser,” right before meeting their future husband.
While it’s not steeped in science, Erica came to the conclusion that this is a legitimate effect based on patterns she’s observed among her friends and other celebrities.
The concept is that when someone ends a long-term relationship, they tend to date people they wouldn’t usually go for in order to explore, which can lead to some bad pairings.
During the exploration phase, the probability of the next person being better than the previous one is higher, eventually leading the person to a partner perfect for them.