A woman yawning with a sleep mask on her forehead.

Weighted Eye Masks Come With Risks - Here’s What To Know

Weighing between half a pound and a pound, weighted eye masks are becoming increasingly popular, with many swearing they offer several benefits, including improved sleep.
However, putting any amount of weight on your eyelid for long periods could cause the pressure inside the eye to become higher, resulting in a condition called ocular hypertension.
As optometrist Janet Aug told USA Today, “This [pressure] can potentially damage the optic nerve causing progression of diseases of the optic nerve like glaucoma.”
“The longer the pressure is on the eyes, the greater the potential risks,” Aug shared. So, keep your usage of weighted eye masks limited to naps, instead of using them overnight.
Additionally, the mask may move when you naturally turn over at night and awkwardly press into the face depending on the position you’re in, which may result in a disturbed sleep.