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Vision Board Dating: The Trend To Manifest Your Ideal Love Life
Dating apps are increasingly adding features that allow singles to adjust their location to see who’s nearby or even influence big life changes like moving abroad.
This is called vision board dating (VBD) and it’s going to be a big dating trend in 2024, especially among millennials, as they are likely to relocate frequently or live abroad.
According to neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart, vision boards work because the brain inherently assigns a greater value to dreams and goals that have images attached to them.
In using vision boarding in your dating life with an app’s location feature, you’re putting in motion the manifestation of your dream partner in your dream location.
Ask yourself where you want to go and what you want to do. As per Plenty of Fish, 23% of people have interacted with someone who changed their location to a more “desirable” place.
Next, decide on the type of person and relationship you want, put it out into the universe through the location feature on the app, and get to manifesting.
As you adopt vision board dating into your life, realistic expectations should always be kept in mind, so you can avoid conjuring up unrealistic prospects.