A woman applying contour to her cheeks
"Vertical Contouring" Is The Makeup Hack Round Faces Need
Vertical contouring is a new twist on contouring that's aimed at those with round faces. A viral TikTok from @cczuleighka shows just how simple this technique really is.
All you have to do is take your favorite contour product and draw three lines vertically from the hollow of the cheekbone down to the jawline, shortening the length as you go.
For maximum precision, use a cream contour product. Once you have your three lines, blend the lines in with a brush or a sponge to create a shadow.
This technique works well on round faces because it creates more angles in the face, giving a more chiseled and hollowed-out appearance to the area under the cheekbone.
For best results, opt for a cooler toned contour and avoid warmer bronzers, which can make you look too orange. Finally, remember not to go too crazy with the amount that you use.