Vanessa Lachey wearing a brown coat with gold hoop earrings

Vanessa Lachey Is Facing Backlash Over Invasive Baby Questions On Love Is Blind

The "Love is Blind" reunion episode disappointed viewers as co-host Vanessa Lachey relentlessly questioned the couples about who was having babies and when.
While it's unclear if producers directed her to ask, the swift criticism of Lachey's assumptions reflects how society has changed regarding expectations of procreation.
The backlash was clear that viewers feel family planning is a highly personal subject, and some fans are petitioning to remove Nick and Vanessa Lachey as the show's hosts.
While those asking probably mean well, baby questions diminish those struggling with infertility or miscarriage, aren't financially able, or don't want to start a family.
One Twitter user wrote, "As a person that went through a lot of fertility issues […] I'm happy to see people holding @VanessaLachey accountable."
Given the dire situation surrounding pregnancy care and complications in the United States, some viewers also felt the questions were politically flippant and insensitive.