A woman applying lipstick
Using Expired Makeup Is More Dangerous Than You Might Think - Here’s Why
The issues that come with using expired makeup go far beyond not looking its best anymore. In fact, you could actually be taking a serious health risk.
Expired makeup products can "change composition" and "be more at risk of contamination from bacteria and [molds]," as dermatologist Emma Wedgeworth told Refinery29.
Those with existing skincare worries — from dry skin to psoriasis — are even more likely to suffer the consequences when using expired cosmetics.
While this is true for any expired product, expired mascara and eyeliner carry some of the most serious risks. Because of this, only hang on to mascara for three months at a time.
Because expired eyeliner gets so close to the eye, it's also very dangerous. Like mascara, experts recommend keeping liquid eyeliner for three months before tossing it.
Since liquid cosmetics (like foundation) contain water, they "can also develop microbial growth," cosmetic chemist Ramón Pagán told Refinery29.
Cream products, like blush, can similarly irritate skin. This is exacerbated when it's a product you continually put your fingers into, which can introduce even more bacteria.
Since lip skin is very thin, the lips can suffer if you apply an expired lipstick or gloss. The gloss wand can easily transfer bacteria from the product to your lips.
If you’re sensing your cosmetics might be past their expiry date, it’s best not to take any chances. You should put them in the trash, not on your face.