Clean nails holding a nail file
Ukrainian Manicures: The Ultra-Precise Nail Trend, Explained
One of the newest nail maintenance techniques gaining a lot of attention is the Ukrainian manicure. The most notable difference from other techniques is the attention to detail.
Nail bar owners Yana Galiyeva and Maria Sharova told Refinery29 that Ukrainian manicures require "precise cuticle work" and uses "a 'combi' manicure technique.'"
Said combination manicure technique involves the use of an electric drill that buffs the nails. Buffing will get rid of any ridges, old polish, and other imperfections.
Once that's done, the manicurist polishes the cuticle with a drill to get rid of any dry or dead skin. They even cut away any other parts of the cuticle that look dry or untidy.
A typical Ukrainian manicure consists of a gel polish. While applying, your manicurist may create a strong finish by layering the gel on the weakest part of the nail.
This meticulous manicure promises results will look clean, polished, and professional, not to mention it's long-lasting. It keeps your nails looking their best much longer.
Keep in mind that, due to the potential for nail and cuticle injury, a Ukrainian manicure is best performed in a professional, clean environment with a properly trained manicurist.