A woman applying a serum to her cheeks
Tranexamic Acid: The Skin Care Ingredient Battling Dark Spots
The latest ingredient to gain popularity in the beauty world is topical tranexamic acid. As a skincare ingredient, it can assist with diminishing dark spots and discoloration.
It is also said to help with brightening your skin tone. Today, it can be found in both serums and other skincare treatments.
Although not listed as an acne treatment, this powerful ingredient has been shown to help fade the appearance of acne scars without further contributing to the problem.
It can even alter the way that skin produces melanin, which can help those who struggle with melasma, as confirmed by a study in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery.
The study revealed that individuals with melasma found that topical tranexamic acid was as effective, if not more effective at treating discoloration than traditional treatments.
Tranexamic acid can also help regulate the skin's inflammatory response and reduce symptoms of rosacea. Research suggests it can repair and strengthen the skin barrier.
Acids tend to dry skin out, so if your skincare routine already has an acid-heavy product, don't add another. Generally, those with sensitive skin aren't good candidates for acids.