Fingers with tortoiseshell pattern
Tortoiseshell Nails Are Here To Spice Up Your Neutral Manicures
Tortoiseshell nails are achieved by using black, brown, and amber polish. Part of the look's appeal is the fact that it's so shiny, which highlights the layering of the dots.
This manicure looks great on any nail shape, whether it's almondetto, squoval, or short. Draw the dots to fit the size and shape of your nails.
Any Shape
Hit two trendy looks at once with a half milk bath nail and half tortoiseshell nail. The creamy milk nail will set off the warm tortoiseshell colors nicely.
Milk Bath
Try a reverse French manicure with the animal print at the end of the nails. This look works best on longer nails, like stiletto nails and coffin nails.
Half Moons
Make your dark manicure more dramatic by adding an accent nail or two in a tortoiseshell pattern. Placing the pattern near dark colors emphasizes its brown and black spots.
Frame your nails by applying thin gold strips around their edges. Make it mimic how light creates a glossy effect — no need to have an exact pattern.
Add Gold