A woman runs her hands through the back of her hair

This Is What Happens To Your Hair When You Use Too Much Conditioner

Hair conditioners lock in moisture, detangle, and make your curls look soft and shiny. However, like anything in the beauty industry, too much can be a bad thing.
Using more than the recommended conditioner in your hair can make it oily and lifeless. Your hair might look like it has lost volume, especially if your strands are fine.
Mizani artist Ashley Jackson likens over-conditioned hair to overcooked spaghetti, which is prone to breakage. Over-saturated hair also can't absorb other products.
A good rule of thumb is to follow the instructions on the bottle and make sure you squeeze the water out of your tresses so the conditioner isn't diluted.
Avoiding the scalp and conditioning at the ends is key with thin hair. For a leave-in conditioner, use two sprays with fine or short locks and four with thick or long hair.
You can condition your hair every time you wash it, but if your hair is limp and lifeless because of over-conditioning, try a clarifying shampoo to remove excess product buildup.