A woman wearing a brown leather jacket with sunglasses
These Are Our Favorite Ways To Style The Trendy Brown Leather Jacket
Pair a versatile brown bomber jacket with a white button-up shirt to soften the edge. It can be paired with loose jeans or dark trousers, whether they're navy blue or black.
The distressed state of leather is reminiscent of the edgy moto jacket. Boxy on the upper torso and loose in the sleeves, it pairs well with a form-fitting mini-skirt.
Even though a brown, leather jacket is a neutral base, the outfit doesn’t need to be. Play with shapes and colors by accessorizing with sunglasses or a small purse.
Opt for a leather shearling bomber jacket to stay warm in the colder months. Play with autumn colors and style it with a small clutch to keep things easy.
Keep crop tops handy for wearing under a brown, leather jacket to play with size and proportions. Remain consistent with hardware and keep makeup minimal.
Crop Top