Someone applying mascara to an eye
The Right Way To Remove Mascara Without Irritating Your Eyes
When taking off mascara, it can often feel like you can never get it all. However, by using a spoolie and makeup remover, you can get the job done with ease.
Unlike mascara wands, spoolies aren't meant to be dipped in the product. Using a spoolie while applying mascara helps eliminate clumps and extra product.
After you apply your mascara, give your wet lashes an extra brush with a clean, dry spoolie. This will remove any excess gunk and make your mascara look more even.
You can buy disposable spoolies, but if you have a reusable one, wash it after each use. By cleaning it regularly, you protect your skin and eyes from lingering bacteria.
It's best to remove your mascara in the direction of lash growth. Press a cotton pad soaked with makeup remover against your lashes for a few seconds, then swipe the lashes.