A woman with dark shin and dark brown eyes looking upward

The Most Stunning Eyeshadow Colors That Make Brown Eyes Pop

Many people with brown eyes may be used to hearing that they should solely stick to earth tones. However, that may not be necessary, as makeup artist Pati Dubroff tells InStyle.
Debroff says that the key is to consider your skin tone: "Brown eyes can really take any color shadow, it's just about making sure the tones also complements the skin."
Believe it or not, there are jewel tones that can work for brown-eyed folks with dark skin, earth tones for medium skin, and pastel tones for fair skin.
You can't go wrong with purple eyeshadow on brown eyes, especially if your skin has naturally golden or yellow undertones, as purple complements these shades.
Amethyst Purple
The potency of amethyst purple can bring out the deepest shade of brown from your eyes and add a subtle contrast that creates depth and allows the eyes to pop.
Gold eyeshadow can add dimension to brown eyes without standing out. It's also super easy for beginners to use; you just need matte brown and shimmery gold.
Bronzey Gold
For contrast, use browns that are different from the brown in your eyes. If your eyes are light brown, go with a deep brown, and if they're dark, look for lighter earth colors.
Blues can accentuate the depth of dark brown eyes. If you have a mixed palette of undertones, blue and purple can help bring the appropriate color to your eyes.
Dark Blue Shimmer
Blue can be tricky to work on with yellow undertone skin, as it can turn gray or green. Regardless of skin tone, use a nude base to ensure an even product application.