A woman on a man's back as they smile
The Most Affectionate Zodiac Signs Might Surprise You
Astrology is a fun way to learn about one's approach to love, romance, and pleasure. While each sign shows affection in their own way, these five signs are known to have the most.
Taurus is equal parts solid and sensuous, so cuddling, hugging, and massages are right up their alley, both as givers and receivers.
Once you allow a Taurus to open up at their own pace and they feel secure and comfortable, enjoy warm and cozy hangouts (or date nights) with them at home.
When Leo is mixed with Venus, you get someone who loves the idea of a power couple, whether in love or friendship. They thrive on attention and love to show off.
If you win over a Leo, you'll get a cheerleader who openly shows their admiration, appreciation, and affection for you. Just remember to admire, validate, and adore them back.
Libra values harmony and balance. They treat the people they love how they also want to be treated, which is fitting for a sign that symbolizes justice.
Libras are unselfish and considerate of others, but it can be hard to know if they're being affectionate because you're special or if that's just how they treat everyone.
Being close to a Pisces feels like a no-judgement zone and with Venus, their demeanor and soulful gaze can make you feel seen. Their nature feels dreamy and healing.
They naturally show compassion and never want to hurt those they love. They make loved ones feel accepted unconditionally and respond to affection with gentleness.
Cancers are some of the most caring people around because they are willing to step up to provide comfort. With trust, your bond is only second to their home and family.
They might be sensitive, but the crab is protected by a hard shell. If you make them feel safe, cared for, and loved, they will show you the same affection.