Vertical shot of a woman's hand holding tangled necklaces and bracelets
The Easiest Ways To Untangle Your Pesky Necklace Chains
Baby oil is a miracle worker on hard-to-undo knots. Lay your necklace on a paper towel, use a cotton swab to apply baby oil to the knot, and gently massage it between your fingers.
Gently pull the chain into its correct position, wash off the baby oil in warm water and soap, and pat dry with a towel. Olive oil, baby powder, or Windex can untangle knots, too.
If using your fingers doesn't work, place the tip of a sewing needle or open safety pin in the center of the knot and move in circular motions to gently pull it apart.
Another way to undo tangles is to soak the necklace in warm, soapy water, then work at the knot with your fingers and rinse.
To prevent tangles, mix chains of different lengths and weights or wear a necklace spacer. For storage, use a jewelry tree or box with a proper compartment to hang necklaces.