A woman squeezes her pores while looking in a mirror
The Difference Between Blackheads And Sebaceous Filaments
Frequently mistaken for blackheads, sebaceous filaments are a normal part of every pore’s anatomy and, unlike blackheads, aren’t a type of acne.
Sebaceous filaments are a natural gland lining that moves sebum (oil) to the skin's surface to keep it hydrated. If your pores produce excess oil, the filaments become visible.
When squeezed, they pop out small, yellowish, and waxy threads, quite different from the oxidized and, therefore, darker buildup of sebum and dead cells in blackheads.
Sebaceous filaments can also become more visible due to genetic factors, like having pores that fill with sebum quickly or having thicker hair follicles.
Certain lifestyles also contribute to the sebaceous filaments' visibility. Products and exposure to the sun can enlarge pores, dry skin, and trigger excess oil production.
Dermatologists all advise leaving them alone. As tempting as it is to squeeze them out, they're natural parts of the skin's composition that perform a crucial function.
Regulating your skin with exfoliation and products formulated for your skin type to maintain its moisture balance will help with the appearance of sebaceous filaments.