A young woman sips a mocktail while smiling
The Damp Lifestyle Has More Benefits Than You Realize
Intentionally drinking in moderation has become a TikTok trend called 'living damp," and with many benefits to your physical, mental, and emotional health, it's worth considering.
Alcohol is a leading risk factor for death. Even a small amount increases the physical risks of cancer, pancreatitis, high blood pressure, heart damage, liver disease, and stroke.
Alcohol is also a depressant, slows physical and cognitive abilities, and makes us feel relaxed while bolstering confidence, which leads some to drink more to enhance such effects.
Some experience anxiety from the hangover after a night of drinking ("hangxiety"), and cutting back on drinking can minimize the chance of these uncomfortable feelings.
Reducing alcohol consumption can mitigate other anxiety symptoms, encouraging people to find a new way to cope, especially if they use it to self-medicate.
Going damp is an opportunity to try new activities that aren't centered around being intoxicated, which can positively impact existing relationships in your life.
Damp trend-setter @hana.elson suggests starting small by switching one regular drink to a mocktail instead and choosing drinks with lower alcohol by volume (ABV) content.
Over time, decline shots and cut out hard alcohol. "Your relationship with alcohol can start anywhere," @hana.elson says. "It's up to you what habit changes you want to implement."