A woman bites her fingernail while nervously waiting for her job interview appointment
The Biggest Job Interview Red Flags To Watch Out For
The Long Road
If you've been waiting weeks for an interview or the next step in the hiring process, the company might not be interested in you or consider you their second option.
According to a 2019 National Association of Colleges and Employers survey, the average time from the first interview to getting offered the job is around 23.5 days.
Constant Rescheduling
If your interview has been rescheduled multiple times, it could be a sign the company lacks respect for your time and may not be the right company for you.
However, if it happens once and the reason seems genuine, it could be an opportunity to demonstrate flexibility, a characteristic that most companies appreciate.
The Great Negotiation
You may think the interviewer holds all the power, but the company needs a bright, hardworking employee that knows their individual worth.
Try negotiating factors like the salary or work-from-home allowance. If a company is unwilling to budge, this can be a negative sign about how much it values its people.
Sudden Change In Mood
Lynn Taylor, a workplace expert, advises that if the interviewer suddenly changes their demeanor throughout the interview, it could mean they're just not feeling you for the role.
Taylor says if you're talking more than them or they seem distracted, try making an appropriate joke or positive remark to lighten the mood. If that doesn't work, walk away.
Wilting Passion
If your interviewer seems less than enthused about the company or their role, it could be a sign that it's not a business you want to join.
They should be telling you positive aspects of the job and the company, but it's a red flag if there isn't anything to brag about or they're on their way out.