A woman in a green coat and tartan skirt walking on the road.

The Best Ways To Wear The Elevated Tartan Trend This Winter 2024

Traditionally made from wool, tartans are an ideal choice for winter outfits and their versatility allows for easy incorporation into various styles.
Pair tartan pants and riding boots with a houndstooth Bouclé jacket. Since both prints have a rich, dark tone to them, they work well together.
Mix Patterns
Toss a yellow tartan scarf over a cheerful, hand-crocheted coat, and let the colors vie for your attention. Complete the look with a pink and brown knit bag.
A Tartan Scarf
Style platform tartan creeper flats and crew socks with an outfit consisting of a cool bomber jacket, a short skirt, and a ball cap for a casual yet stylish look.
Tartan Shoes
A blue, tartan bucket hat is the sought-after choice for winter hats as it adds a jolt of interest to any outfit. Pair it with a tonal suit or work it into busier prints.
Tartan Hat