A woman walking and wearing a white oversized sweater and sunglasses
The Best Styling Tips For Oversized Sweaters This Fall
Pair an oversized sweater with a tennis skirt and allow the pleats to show. Finish the look with a chunky pair of sneakers and knee-high or no-show socks.
Skirt & Sneakers
Choose pants that will properly complement the sweater you’re wearing and tuck the front of your shirt in to create a casual and chic look.
Jeans & French Tuck
A thick sweater or cardigan is perfect to wear over a dress. Play up the look even more with jewelry, layers, and a chunky pair of combat boots.
Maxi Dress
Level up any of your sweaters with a collared shirt underneath. Try styling it with a pair of leggings and combat boots.
Collared Shirt & Leggings
With a pair of high-waisted or loose-fitting jeans, layer a crop top over the pants. A cropped sweater can help make warm clothes feel breathable.
Cropped Sweater & Pants