A woman laying down in a white robe having a gua sha treatment on her face by a technician

The Benefits Of Gua Sha, And How To Use It Authentically

From ancient history to modern technology
Gua sha, pronounced "gwah-shah," is a cultural wellness practice that has expanded in popularity on TikTok lately, and many have been adding it to their skincare routines.
The practice helps to drain lymph, stimulate collagen, and assist in alleviating dark circles and soft wrinkles, thereby creating the appearance of an overall slimmer face.
One of the oldest ancient practices — years before acupuncture — the earliest forms involved applying a flattened bian stone to the body to treat medical issues.
How to properly use facial gua sha
These days, that same stone is considered the most authentic tool for gua sha and has been honed to precision by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.
Before performing facial gua sha, cleanse your face, clean your tool, and apply a moisturizer or facial oil so the device slides easily across your face.
Starting at the center points on your face, scrape the board across and up toward your temples for several light- to medium-pressured strokes.
Tips for best results
Using one hand to slowly move the other will ensure the skin isn't being pulled too hard, allowing greater precision in your strokes.
Avoid storing your gua sha tools in the fridge or soaking them in ice water, as this could increase inflammation, which is the opposite of what gua sha is meant to do.