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Signs That Suggest Your Relationship Won’t Survive A Break
When a relationship doesn't feel like it's working anymore, a couple might take a break to regroup, reflect, and determine whether or not the relationship is salvageable.
Any problems present within a relationship won't just disappear while you're on a break. Instead, issues should be approached head-on and resolved.
Unresolved Issues
Research psychologist and psychoanalytic therapist Frieda Birnbaum, Ph.D. told Shape, "Taking a break does not help heal wounds." The trust between you needs to be rebuilt.
A relationship needs all of its parts working. If one part breaks down, then all the rest become vulnerable until the broken part is fixed.
Do The Work
This requires effort, energy, love, communication, and honesty from each partner daily — all of which takes work. This ensures everything is functioning at optimal levels.
Some relationships just can't get to a healthy enough place to evolve. If a previous break didn't change anything, don't expect it to be different this time.
Past Breaks
Psychotherapist Holly Parker, Ph.D. told Glamour, "Some couples get back together not out of love, but because they're facing crucial barriers to permanently leaving."
For some, a break is a way to avoid a breakup. It prolongs the pain, drama, unhealthy behaviors, toxic patterns, and everything that leads to the conclusion of a break.
Break Up
If the feeling to move on is present, a break won’t save a relationship. If the desire to be in the relationship is gone, then a break won’t fix anything for either of you.