Toes with French pedicure.
Paraffin Wax Pedicures: What You Need To Know
A paraffin wax pedicure involves dipping your feet into hot wax for added moisture and softness. The wax is comprised of hydrocarbons, similar to petroleum jelly and mineral oil.
The service is typically done after your feet are soaked and exfoliated. Your feet will either be dipped directly in the heated wax or the technician will paint it on with a brush.
After your feet are coated, a plastic covering or glove is placed over each foot. Once the wax cools down and hardens, the technician will peel it off, revealing your hydrated feet.
The cost of a paraffin wax service depends on the region and salon. Typically, it comes at an additional cost to your overall pedicure, ranging from $15 to $40.
This wax treatment is especially helpful during colder months when the skin is prone to dryness. According to a 2021 study, it may also help minimize the severity of eczema.
Additionally, studies have found that paraffin wax therapy, over time, could aid in pain relief, especially for those suffering from osteoarthritis and joint mobility issues.
As per Healthline, while generally safe to use, paraffin wax therapy is not recommended for those with sensitive skin, poor circulation, hand or foot numbness, diabetes, or rashes.