Nails with brown tips
Our Favorite Brown-Tipped French Manicure Styles To Try Out The Nail Trend
Whether you go for an almond shape or keep them square, a brown French manicure is super versatile. Cool tones create a hot chocolate-dipped vibe.
Short Nails
Brown tips are gorgeous on long natural nails, acrylics, and press-ons. Long tips with a square edge provide space for fun shapes and designs.
Long Nails
Create a gradient manicure with multiple shades of brown. Start with a creamy white or tan shade then go darker on each nail toward a dark chocolate or mocha shade.
Choose a darker brown to create the shape of your tips, and then take a lighter shade and nail dot tool to create fun designs. You can always do the opposite, too.
Dark & Light
If you don't want a whole set of brown tips, get them done on only some of the nails as an accent. This creates a playful look with some variety.
To complement brown tips, add a bit of white polish to the design. The white will make the brown pop and offer a nice contrast, so you can keep it simple or create shapes.