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Open Relationships And Polyamory Aren't The Same Thing - Here's What To Know
Representation of polyamorous relationships on screen and in literature is becoming more and more common. However, it might not always be correctly portrayed.
Polyamory is the capacity to and act of loving more than one person simultaneously, with respect and honest communication toward all parties involved.
When it comes to open relationships, most of them include having one primary romantic partner, but you are also allowed to sexually explore other connections.
Open as well as polyamorous relationships fall within the umbrella term of ethical non-monogamy (ENM) and are about trust and continuously practicing honest communication.
Polyamory is not solely centered around straight men’s sexual fantasies. In fact, these relationships are rich in diversity, especially among groups within the LGBTQ+ community.
Technically, polyamory is much more focused on the emotional aspect of the relationship whereas open relationships often have a casual, sexual nature to them.
It’s also important not to confuse polyamory with polygamy. Polygamy is the practice of marrying multiple people and doesn’t necessarily relate to loving multiple people at once.