A hand with pastel pink and purple nail polish
Ombre Lip Gloss Nails Are The Latest Spin On A Hot Trend
Lip gloss nails are a take on the neutral nail style that pairs colors with a glossy finish. Combine them with a gradient ombré tip, and you have the newest nail trend.
Get this ultra-feminine and vibrant look using OPI's Bubble Bath for the neutral pink base, and layer on OPI's A Kick in The Bud for the hot pink tips.
Hot Pink Lip Gloss
To copy this look, apply a warm orange base, bubble gum pink in the middle, and pastel lavender for the tips.
Multi-Colored Ombré
Paint the three shades in order onto a makeup sponge and press on your nail, bouncing the sponge horizontally to blend the colors for a seamless ombré finish.
Get creative by using a dark shade of pink and gradually getting lighter with each nail, creating a skittle manicure. Use multiple shades and different colors.
Ombré Skittle
Create a lavish, natural ombré look with a neutral base of OPI's Half Past Nude and blend in OPI's Natural Mauvement for elegant, pink-infused lavender tips.
Hint Of Lavender
Instead of tips with a gradually blended solid color, try an unblended swirl of pinks in a smudged French tip style. We suggest pairing hot pink and light Barbie pink.
Pink Swirl