A woman with brunette hair in a bouncy bubble bob
Looking For The Perfect Short Haircut? Check Out The Bubble Bob
Notably rounder and fuller than a regular bob, the bubble bob will give your short hair a featherlike bounce while framing your face with volume.
Shorter hair undoubtedly keeps you cool during hotter months, and the bubble bob works for everyone because of its feathered appearance.
The bubble bob has to be layered a certain way, so it is best to be cut by a professional. Graduation helps give its "bubble" shape and adds more depth around the base of the bob.
In a Glamour interview, hairstylist David Dossola noted that, in addition to adding hair airiness and volume, bubble bobs "soften features of certain face shapes, such as square."
As long as the cut accentuates the "bubble" shape, you can wear it in any way. You can wear it straight, sleek, or just let it air dry if your hair is the right texture.
Due to the versatility of this hairstyle, you can choose your length, opt to wear a middle part, or ask your hairstylist to cut wispy layers that frame the outline of your face.