An IUD is held up by gloved fingers

IUD Insertion Pain Can Be Scary — Here's How To Advocate For Yourself

Though eager to experience the upsides of an IUD, some patients dread the insertion procedure, which is often done without anesthesia and frequently described as painful.
It's important to discuss pain management options with your doctor before the procedure to find the best solution, such as topical anesthetic, which studies have shown is effective.
One study showed that a topical anesthetic of mixed lidocaine and prilocaine successfully reduced pain during the procedure.
Another study showed that when three lidocaine injections were administered before insertion, they were effective in reducing both pain and perceived pain.
A further study found that patients who fear IUD insertion and expect a negative experience are more prone to experience higher pain levels.
Alternative tools that use suction instead of pinching may be less painful, so communicate with your physician if the pain is overwhelming during the procedure.