A man and woman holding hands and smiling at each other
“Invisible String Theory”: What It Is And Why It Could Be The Key To Lasting Love
The invisible string theory supports the idea that your soulmate is fated to meet you by an invisible thread connecting you to one another. It can help you find everlasting love.
This theory can be traced back to an ancient Chinese proverb that says "an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet [...]," via Entertainment Weekly.
The key to finding your invisible string is by staying grounded, patient, and hopeful. Think of it like playing a game that has a clear ending.
In addition to anticipating the end result, circumstance means everything. Your invisible string will meet you when you're ready, so trust that a higher power is guiding you.
Invisible strings may come in the form of friendship, romance, and everything in between, To apply it to your dating life, start with looking for signs.
In order to look for clues, you must be hopeful about the prospect of love and be confident in your ability to find it. Make eye contact with strangers and smile at passersby.
Love can be anywhere, and expressing these sentiments can help you find the one. Try including in your profile your desire to find love and make connections.