Close up of someone getting their lashes done
Hybrid Lashes: What Are They, And Are They Better Than Extensions?
Many people opt for lash extensions due to their ability to be customized. Part of that customization comes through different versions of lash extensions, like hybrid lashes.
Hybrid lashes are made up of both classic and volume lash extensions, meaning your lash technician will put multiple extensions on your natural lash.
The finished result is soft, and natural, and offers a fanned-out effect. These lashes also give a textured look to the lash line, making them great for those with sparse lashes.
By opting for hybrid lashes, you can create a less dramatic transition from your natural lashes to falsies than if you got volume lashes. You can test the look without committing.
While a traditional lash extension application appointment can take between 90 minutes and two hours, hybrid lashes can take closer to two and a half hours from start to finish.
Additionally, with all the extra time and effort that comes with applying hybrid lashes, it goes without saying that they can be costlier than traditional extensions, too.