The moon and Saturn visible in a night sky with an orange hue
How Your Saturn And Moon Placements Affect Your Financial Life
Our natal moon and Saturn placements can offer insight into our relationships with finances, spending, and saving by explaining our stressors and anxieties around money.
In astrological terms, the moon is all about intuition, self-care, memories, and emotions, while Saturn is about power and control, especially regarding money.
As to why the moon is financially important, astrologer Aliza Kelly explains, "The Moon reflects your emotional inner world and what you need to feel secure."
For example, an Aries Moon is famously impulsive and reacts quickly and emotionally, so it's a safe guess that they'll be a more impulsive spender.
Saturn urges us to be frugal and fiscally responsible, but understanding its role in our financial lives depends on where this tough-love planet falls in our sun sign.
For instance, Saturn in Sagittarius and Aquarius tends to pursue higher education, while Saturn in Capricorn prompts self-discipline and leadership.
Kelly adds, "If you have that feeling of, 'I'm just not feeling satisfied, I feel like I need more,' then Saturn can give you clues as to why you're having that experience."