Hands with a gel manicure under the dryer's UV light
How Wearing Fingerless Gloves For Your Gel Manicure Could Save Your Skin
While UV-protecting gloves may look like typical fingerless gloves, they are actually designed to shield most of your hands from UV light while leaving your nails exposed.
This is important considering the controversy around the health risks of UV gel manicures. A 2023 Nature Communications study found that UV lamps could potentially cause cancer.
While the risk of skin cancer is the most dangerous side effect of the process, it's also worth noting that UV rays also have other risks, including premature aging of the hands.
Professionals agree that UV-safe gloves are a good option for protection. Look for the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF); fabric with a UPF 50 is ideal, as it will block out 98% of rays.
Fewer gel manicures to reduce exposure is another option. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Chris G. Adigun recommends sunscreen and gloves for maximum protection.