Sydney Sweeney walking and posing.
How To Try Neptune Waves For Ultra Voluminous Hair
Neptune waves are the newest hair trend following the popular Botticelli curls from last year. They are fairly easy to master using either heat or overnight braids.
Neptune waves are meant to be messy and tousled, with the ends of your hair intentionally remaining unfinished. They’re essentially flatter curls, adding volume and energy to hair.
To achieve the trendy look through heat styling, use 3-prong tongs or an “S waver” hair device. First, section hair out by clipping up the top half with a sectioning clip.
Then, clamp the 3-barrel device along the strands. Drag it to the ends if you want before running your fingers through your curls once they’ve cooled down.
For heatless styling, overnight braids are a great way to achieve Neptune waves. Stylist Tom Smith recommends using a “waxy hairspray” and “a bit of oil or serum.”