A bride surrounded by her bridesmaids
How To Tastefully Fire A Bridesmaid From Your Wedding Party
Your wedding should be about the love between you and your partner. If a bridesmaid is jeopardizing that, you have every right to ask them to relinquish their duties.
It’s Possible
If they don’t offer emotional support, fail to do tasks, show a lack of interest, or don’t show up to pre-wedding events, it’s time to reconsider their place in your wedding party.
Before you fire a bridesmaid, ask yourself if the drama is worth it. It may be less stressful to let them keep the role only so your friendship dynamics stay in check.
This can be especially true if the bridesmaid isn't necessarily argumentative or boundary-crossing, but simply someone that you're no longer close to.
Be honest with yourself about whether or not you're asking too much of your bridal party, and consider asking for advice from loved ones that you trust.
While your wedding day may be the biggest thing on your mind, remember that other people also have important things happening in their lives that may be demanding all their time.