someone applying eyeshadow with a brush
How To Stop Your Eyeshadow From Creasing, Once And For All
The main culprit of eyeshadow creasing isn't the folds on your eyelids. Rather, it's caused by natural oil production, and there are a few ways to minimize it.
The first step to take is to start with totally clean eyelids. Ensuring they are clean and dry will help eliminate a lot of the oil causing the problem.
Clean Lids
You could also "spray some toner all over the face for a clean canvas to remove any excess oil," as makeup artist Anu Kaushik suggested to Vogue India.
Eyeshadow primer is vital to prevent creasing. It prepares the lid and creates "a smooth, clean canvas," as Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Artist, Talia Cich, told Byrdie.
An eyeshadow primer with a little grip is best for keeping crease lines at bay. Waterproof concealer or foundation can be used, but they can crease if applied heavily.
Powder makeup can help minimize the excess oil that causes creasing. By only using powder eyeshadows, you prevent the creasing that comes with cream-based products.
You can also try a translucent setting powder on the lid to really mattify the shadow and keep it in place. This method works best if you apply concealer or foundation first.
Layer up on products to keep creasing at bay. The more powder or mattifying products that are on the lid, the more they’ll help with excess oil production.
Renée Loiz uses this method, focusing more on stacking up eye-specific items. She told Byrdie she recommends "using an eyeshadow crayon with liquid eyeshadow" to prevent creases.
How you apply eye products affects creasing. For primer, Renée Loiz explains to Byrdie that you can stop these creases by "apply[ing] a thin layer across eyelids."
For eyeshadow, Roseanna Velin told Vogue India she uses "a firm brush to apply eyeshadow and really press it onto the lid" so that "the eyeshadow is quite well compressed."