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How To Stop Household Chores From Causing Problems In Your Relationship
According to sociology professor Daniel Carson, each relationship has its own nuances, but splitting chores equally between partners will actively improve the relationship.
Start by creating a list of as many weekly tasks as you can think of and take note of who does what. This gives you a clear idea of whether the labor is evenly divided.
Assign Tasks
From there, you can start fresh by organizing tasks based on priority, and then deciding who is the best person for the job. Personal preferences and strengths play a huge role.
Collaboration is the perfect way to foster togetherness and a feeling of fairness. It allows you and your partner to work in close quarters to achieve a shared result.
Examples include vacuuming the carpet while your partner dusts, or sweeping the kitchen floor while your partner empties the dishwasher. Add some music while you work and have fun.
Follow up with biweekly check-ins to ensure both people are on the same page. Simply ask your partner if there is anything you could do to help them with their task.
Check In
Check-ins allow couples a chance to ask for help, communicate issues, rearrange chores to better fit each other's schedules, and maintain accountability.
Heterosexual couples can take a note from same-sex relationships and how effective it is to leave gender roles behind and instead divide labor equally.
Genderless Tasks
Instead of gender, consider ability. Take into consideration each partner's job, schedule, extracurriculars, and how capable they are of performing certain tasks.