A female couple smiling while holding each other
How To Navigate The 5 Types Of Intimacy In Relationships
With emotional intimacy, you can bear your soul in ways that are raw and real. You'll never feel judged or shamed, and all feelings can be safely put on the table.
Emotional intimacy is something that builds out of deep and profound trust. Sometimes that trust can take a while to achieve, and sometimes it can happen relatively quickly.
What constitutes physical intimacy is on a spectrum and different for each person and couple — it's not all about sex, but it does involve physical touch.
Therapist Madeline Lucas, LCSW told Well + Good that the goal of physical intimacy is to "create a feeling of closeness that feels beneficial to both parties."
Intellectual intimacy is about connecting by sharing ideas and opinions. Even if they differ, they can encourage stimulation and mental growth.
Intellectual intimacy is the backbone of relationships because it involves practicality and realistic expectations. Both partners know nothing is perfect and are ready to grow.
Spiritual intimacy is about being connected through shared beliefs, values, and a view of the world and humanity as a whole.
Spirituality is a personal belief system and is an aspect of ourselves that we share in close relationships. It doesn't have to be steeped in the concept of a higher being.
Experiential intimacy, sometimes called recreational intimacy, is about experiencing things together that strengthen your bond in the moment and create memories.
A study published in the Journal of Personal and Social Psychology found that couples who partake in "exciting" activities together have great relationship satisfaction.