A woman looks in the mirror while applying eye liner
How To Make Your Eyes Look Brighter With The ‘Knot Dot’ Eyeliner
Knot dots have been circulating on TikTok as a unique, new way to adorn your eyes. If you're never sure if you want to go modern or vintage, knot dots meet you in the middle.
In her TikTok tutorial, Rachel OCool (@rachelocool) says to "take a liquid liner — black works, but brown is better — and find where the bottom lashes cross over each other."
"Place just a dot of liquid liner on the base or knot of the lashes, and boom! You have a knot dot," OCool says, adding to follow along the lash line and add some brown mascara.
OCool's way of incorporating knot dots into the lash line is reminiscent of the painted or false lower lashes that were all the rage in the 1960s mod fashion movement.
Knot dots subtly emphasize the lash line without making the eyes look smaller or boxed in when blended with mascara. They can be incorporated into the similar four-dot technique.
To combine the two techniques, add one dot on the lash line, two just outside either corner of the eye, and one above the lid crease, directly above the lower knot dot.
On TikTok, makeup artist SoyMilkIsBetter recommends lining the dots up with your pupils, so it's critical to apply this look while looking straight-on at a mirror.