A woman looks at her therapist skeptically

How To Know When It's Time To Switch Therapists

Finding a therapist that is the right fit for you can be a difficult journey. If you think your current therapist is the wrong fit, there are some major red flags to look out for.
If your therapist isn’t validating your emotions or trying to see your perspective, that’s an issue. They don’t need to agree, but you should always feel heard.
Red Flag #1
Take pause if you feel your therapist is shaming you or your feelings. Your feelings should be your therapist's top priority, and you should never feel judged.
Red Flag #2
If they lack context regarding your identity or culture (i.e., your race, religion, or sex and gender identities), it can limit their ability to engage in your growth.
Red Flag #3
You may want to seek a therapist who identifies similarly, or at the very least, one who’s open to understanding how your identity has impacted your experiences.
It may also be time to move on if your therapist has limited availability, can’t accommodate your schedule, or you feel you aren’t making progress on your goals.
Other Concerns
Although it may feel strange, tell your therapist, you’re considering moving on, especially if you take medication or have a diagnosis that requires continuous care.
Moving On
Pursuing what you need out of therapy is far more important than any temporary feelings of discomfort. And keep in mind that there's a therapist out there who can meet your needs.