A stressed woman rests her forehead in her hand at a therapy session
How To Get The Most Out Of Therapy When It's Not Always Convenient
Finding The Right Time
As many don't have a schedule with time for therapy, therapist Christine Scott-Hudson suggests choosing the time of day you feel most alert and ready to process deep feelings.
It is hard to carve out time, but psychologist Smruthy Nair says scheduling therapy at the beginning or end of a workday works well for many, and having a specific place can help.
Time Between Sessions
Therapist Houyuan Luo suggests taking notes during your therapy or immediately after to marinate the big takeaways and act as a way to prepare for your next session.
Counselor Sana Powell says that one of the best ways to get the most out of therapy is to hold space for the session during the rest of the week to process difficult realizations.
progress is non-linear
If your therapy schedule isn't convenient, jumping ship can become even more tempting, particularly when unearthing difficult things. Stay consistent with appointments.
Powell added, "It's not always going to feel good. It might feel like you're taking a couple of steps back sometimes, but that's part of your growth process."