Nails with different shades of brown to create the latte nail look
How To Get The Latte Nails Trend
When you think of a latte, you probably think of this super-light shade. Add small dots by the cuticle for a coffee-inspired twist that looks like a shot of espresso.
Coffee Shot
This fun design creates a marble-esque effect using a swirly mix of toffee and light, milky latte shades as if you're mixing together your favorite coffee.
This clean design mixes different latte-inspired shades. Our favorite part is the way the two mix on the middle finger, mimicking coffee and milk.
This look manages to show off a different design on each nail, but it's still a cohesive latte manicure thanks to the coffee-inspired color choices on each finger.
With this look, the base color catches the light in a stunning yet understated way, while the lighter coffee-inspired shade swirls over the top.
Shimmer & Swirl
Try inverting a classic French manicure for a unique take. Put the lighter part in a crescent moon shape above the cuticle, so it stands out over the brown shade.
Inverted French