A woman touching her nose
How To Combat Allergy-Induced Puffy Face & Eyes
Adding a cold element to your puffy face can feel soothing and help reduce inflammation. A face icer, jade roller, gua sha scraping tool, or even a cold spoon can help.
Cold Therapy
To amplify the effects of face icing, try a gua sha technique with your cooling tool to help move fluid out of your face through your lymphatic drainage system.
Undereye masks help fight puffiness from allergies. Many can be placed in the fridge for added coolness relief, and some include caffeine and brightening ingredients.
Look for non-drowsy, all-day medications. Save some money while figuring out which medicine you like best by buying generic ingredients.
Allergy Treatment
For a more natural approach, try a neti pot for sinus cleansing. They allow you to rinse your nasal passages, which can be helpful in treating allergies.
Occlusive moisturizers, the thickest and heaviest type, serve as a protective barrier. They create a protective barrier against pollen, allergens, and irritants.
If you have topical allergies like rashes, look into formulated anti-pollution skincare products, which help combat pollutants contributing to your allergies in the first place.