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How To Avoid Pocketing, The Latest Red Flag Dating Trend
Katherine Glaser, LCSW, explained to Well + Good, "Pocketing is the new buzzword for not outing your relationship or person you've [been] seeing on social media."
This could lead one to wonder if their new partner is trying to keep the relationship a secret. If these behaviors extend beyond social media, it could be a call for concern.
Remember that the behavior may not be about you. It could simply be a way for the other person to try something new based on past experiences.
That being said, some pocketing behaviors are red flags. The vagueness of pocketing means there is no shortage of reasons as to why it could be happening.
Maybe the person you're with isn't emotionally able to be in a relationship, or they're lying about who they are, or they could think you won't mesh with their circle.
To find out if you're being pocketed, social media is a good place to start if your partner actively uses it. If you're never included in posts or tags, it could mean pocketing.
Another sign to look for is where you spend all your time. If you’re only spending time at home or in specific places, it’s a red flag and you should try suggesting another place.
Also, take notice if your partner never invites you to events with their friends and family, or if they make excuses as to why you can't meet their friends and family.
If you suspect you're being pocketed, set boundaries. If your partner is still unwilling to share you or your relationship with the world after a long time, that's a red flag.